Nutrition Plan to Put on Lean Mass

Nutrition Plan to Put on Lean Mass

Rob Lagana Lean Muscle

Everyone is so Anti-Caloric these days. Don’t mind me and my salad, I’m trying not to feed my body the nutrients I need to improve optimal levels of energy and emotional balance.

Remember when you were a kid, you ate practically everything and anything. Were you a happy kid? I know I was. Nutella was a staple in my diet for 10 years. I don’t eat it anymore since that time I ate the large bottle of it before going to bed and had nightmares that my kidneys exploded.You don’t need to go as far as eating a jar of Nutella. That is over-board. But, my point is you DO need the right amount of calories to keep your metabolism high and feed yourself the right nutrients to supply your body good energy so you can go exercise!

When you calories are too low, you get depressed, your cortisol levels go up, your circulation decreases, and you get fat and lose muscle. If that’s your goal, then keep on it.

You CAN eat and eat like a true Trencherman and actually build muscle quicker if that your goal and burn fat like a race car burns gas.

The solution is to eat above your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) which includes a close estimate of calories that you burn during the day from anything you do. As an example; Sex, Working Out, Drinking and Dancing, Walking, Sitting and Making dinner! Then add 300 calories to that number so that you can baseline the start of your diet and regress the calories over a planned period of time and planned program. There’s lots of sites on the Internet that calculate BMR and activities. My favorite is

That’s alot of calories and you’ll feel bloated and may want to puke. Why do this?

You’ve been depriving your body of calories and nutrients for a while now. Your metabolism has slowed to a crawl. Your body won’t burn calories if it doesn’t need to. Especially, if your on a low calorie diet. You really think your body is burning calories from the food you eat? No. It’s burning calories from the breakdown of muscle tissue first, then fat. And if your not doing the right weight resistance training, you’re wasting muscle fast and not fat.  Train smart, preserve muscle, Eat smart, preserve muscle.

So, you wanna get your metabolism into high gear and STOP the breakdown of muscle tissue instantly?

This is an example Trencherman Diet for a 200 lb man.


3 whole Eggs, 150 grams of extra egg whites
2 cups of cooked oats
1 slice of toasted Rye with 1 Tbs of natural macadamia nut butter


6 oz extra lean ground beef
1 Ezekiel toasted bun
1 cup veggies


3 chicken breasts (marinated – your choice)
2 cups of spinach (steamed for a 3-4 minutes)
1 cup of brown rice


2 cups of fresh berries (wash them!)
500 grams of Plain Greek Yogurt


15 oz. of Fillet Mignon
2 Large Sweet Potatoes

Protein Shake
Your favorite Protein powder 2 scoops
3 tablespoons natural peanut butter
2 cups almond milk (unsweetened)
Lots of Ice