Coach Rob Lagana

Diet Myth Busted – Don’t Eat After 6 PM to Lose Weight

Don’t Eat After 6 PM to Lose Weight

Pros:  You will lose weight.  You’ll cut your calories, if you don’t make up for them during the morning or afternoon.  You’ll get your body use to not eating after 6 PM, which normally makes you more head strong.

Cons: To create an anabolic environment in order to promote fat loss, you must feed your muscles every 2-3 hours.  Fat loss is different from weight loss.  Weight loss is a general term that means your losing body weight.  The type of body weight that you want to lose is not muscle.

Not eating past 6 PM, can work for a short while, if you want to quickly lose a few pounds. However, not eating after 6 PM, until you wake up the next morning, in the long run will notably cause muscle breakdown, which may lead to your fat loss coming to a stop. You don’t want to sabotage yourself in the long run.  Your body does not like trickery and with every wild thing you throw at it, be prepared to feel the homeostatic compensation of your games.   There are many different ways to drop weight and lose muscle… too many,  and the smartest strategy is to keep things progressive and phase in the way you lose weight, which gives your body and mind a chance to keep up. This is sustainable fat loss and weight reduction.