Coach Rob Lagana

Can I drink Alcohol on a diet?

I’m often asked by people wanting to lose fat, “Can I still have a glass a wine a day?”

The answer is the less the better, none is best. Alcohol is calories and actually closer to fat calories in levels. Carbs are 4cals/gram while alcohol is 7cals/gram, that is just a bit less than fat which is 9cals/gram. Alcohol is also very high glycemic.

I have seen people plateau on their fat loss journeys, by keeping alcohol like wine in their diet on weekends. Even 2-3 glasses on a weekend has a significant impact on obese people that are trying to lose fat. The higher your bodyfat, the more strict you have to be on your diet. By strict, I mean 100% compliant and consistent. You can still eat a wide variety of foods but you need to choose the right foods.

Alcohol, should not be part of your nutrition plan, unless your body is in a fat burning physiological state and its a special occasion. Even though these occasions should be limited.