5 Home Exercises Anyone Can Do

…even if your lazy

Deep down your upset because your too lazy to start an exercise program. Your over weight and over tired and don’t have the will to change your health condition. You work an office job full time and just want to come home, eat, try and watch some tv and sleep.

Here are 5 worthy tips you can use to start exercise in home today.

1. When you arrive home from work, change into a pair of jogging pants and t-shirt with some brand name such as Addidas or EverLast etc.. A brand that makes you think of playing sports. Wear a sports cap on your head of your favorite sports team. If you don’t have one buy it. If you don’t have a favorite sports team, make it Ottawa Senators

2. If you’re thinking about sitting down, go ahead, sit down, FOR 1 SECOND, then STAND up. Sit down, Stand up. Control the movement. Don’t bounce on the seat. Keep your back as straight as possible and look forward. Perform 15 repetitions, stop, then stand on your right foot, keep your pelvis neutral, tight abs, then hold for as long as you can for a maximum of 60 seconds. Repeat three times, for 3 sets of 15 reps. If you want to make it more challenging, keep your arms straight in front, raise them to increase the challenge and make sure to keep proper alignment with your back as best you can.

3. You’ve had enough? Going upstairs for a nap? At least your taking the stairs, but guess what? You’ve already started the momentum! Your NOT dead! Go up the stairs, turn around and just down the stairs one foot at a time in a controlled motion. Keep your back straight. If you need to use the railing go ahead, until your balance becomes better. Go up the stairs and Go down the stairs. Just like that Karate Kid movie (wax on wax off). STOP, then stand on left foot, keep your pelvis neutral, tight abs, then hold for as long as you can for a maximum of 60 seconds. Stepping Up and Down the complete staircase, equates to one set of movement. Perform 3 sets, so repeat three times.

4. Are you sweating at all? Wanna lie down on the ground? Go ahead, but LIE on your STOMACH, then GET BACK UP! That’s right, but don’t fall down. Control the movement. You can descend to both knees, then lie flat on your stomach, with your hands at your side. Position your arms, like your going to do a push up, but keep your knees on the ground, do as much as a push up as possible, then get up, AND GET BACK DOWN! Repeat this for 3 sets of 15 reps. Rest 60 seconds between sets.

5. Ok, your done. All you have to do is continue breathing, once you have caught your breathe, inhale and hold for 6 seconds, then exhale slowly while counting to 3 seconds. Wait 3 seconds in between breaths and Repeat 10 times. If you start to feel dizzy at any time, STOP and sit down. Don’t worry you can stay seated this time.

You now have 5 exercise tips that will change your life as you know it. You’ve burned calories, raised you metabolism, Improved your cardio-respiratory system, improved your stability and balance. Most of all you succeeded in breaking your old habit. This is momentous action and congratulations!

You can continue to perform these tips 3 times a week, for 3 weeks, then start everyday.

Rob Lagana

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Rob Lagana, Fitness Coach

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