Year: 2019

Finding a Bikini Competition Coach in Ottawa

Finding A Bikini Competition Coach In Ottawa Are you interested in entering competitions where you will have to wear a bikini? If so, it is essential that you are in the optimum shape and look your very best. This will

Tips On Hardbody Training For Women

Women Engaging in Hardbody Training Hardbody training for women has increasingly been adopted by women who desire to have a rock-hard body. Whichever training program they adopt, such women go through a series of tough exercises including weightlifting. What’s interesting,

Follow These 5 Tips Improve Gut Bacteria

Tips Improve Healthy Gut Bacteria Do you know your body has approximately 40 trillion bacteria, and most of them are in your intestines? As a group, they are known as gut microbiota. Although most of them are essential for your

Healthy Muscle Building Pancakes

Stuffed Pancakes (makes 3 servings) Hey everyone, for some awesome healthy muscle building stuffed pancakes, try this recipe below. If you digest quickly, eat this 1 hour before your weight training power bodybuilding workout. This is what’s in some of

How Much Water is Enough?

The focus of the video is to make you aware of signs of dehydration and get you to drink more water to improve your health and performance. Warning to low carb, keto dieters.