The Absolute Proven Tip to Avoid Pitfalls in your Training

Training too often and trying to adapt in too many different ways all at once (power, strength, hypertrophy, endurance) will result in overtraining.

A smart approach is to use periodization training, Periodization training is simply a planned training program. You can have weekly, monthly and yearly plans. It has been shown to be an effective form of program design. The primary benefit is to allow for maximum levels of adaption and minimize overtraining.

You can train different forms of strength and control your volume of training. With periodization training you can write down your progress and then reassess your training either on a weekly or monthly basis. This can help you avoid stagnation, training plateaus, overtraining and assist you with reacher your goal faster.

Overtraining is like an overload to your system. The body can’t keep up with the adaptations your trying to meet in your fitness, bodybuilding or sports training. If your using periodization training for sports, you will greatly benefit by progressively adapting to increased levels of volume training and avoid overtraining.

Some symptoms of overtraining are:

Loss of appetite
Decreased Immunity
Sudden drop in performance
General Bitchiness
Gradual Increase in Muscle Soreness

By using the a planned program such as periodization training, Overtraining syndrome is easily preventable. Unfortunately, most athletes avoid periodaztion training because they rely too much on their instincts. By design your instincts tell you to remain comfortable or ignore the the above symptoms because when you start reaching a over trained state, your instincts which are your internal feedback mechanism will not give you an absolute accurate decision to treat and avoid overtraining.

Rob Lagana

Coach and Founder at Lagana Fitness
Coach Rob Lagana, Fitness Coach, Elite Nutritionist, and Stress Reduction Therapist

Rob Lagana is a former top male competitive bodybuilder who has achieved numerous athletic accomplishments during his career.

Perhaps the greatest learning experience that Rob Lagana has met, was living with ocular albinism. Several vision problems have occurred
with ocular albinism and has left him legally blind. He really learned how to harness the deep energy it takes to be body / movement aware and through this energy has developed a healing ability which he then learned to use in practice with a Japanese healing system called Usui Reiki.Rob overcomes daily tasks and practices to complete his goals
through determination, hard work and a positive mindset.


Rob Lagana also received his IFBB Nutrition certificate, S.M.A.R.T certificate from Dave Palumbo, and LSF Life Solutions Foundation Whole Food Nutrition certificate. Rob Lagana also have 2 decades of experience in coaching clients for weight loss, wellness and contest prep.. He is certified through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine).Rob is also Poliquin Group Bio Signature Level 1 and 2 practitioner and overall brings a holistic approach to helping clients reach their goals.

Besides his athletic and coaching experience, he is also a Reiki Master practitioner.Stress is the number one cause of inflammation of the body. This disrupts, cortisol, insulin, brain chemicals and
much more..Reiki has been a natural and effective way of reducing stress, which promotes overall healing in the body.

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