Best Shoulder Rehab Exercises

fg-PainHere is a nice list of shoulder rehab / corrective / stabilization strengthening. The Best Shoulder Rehab Exercises

These videos are courtesy of  Thank you. You can perfom 2 sets in a circuit, 3 x a week.

Face Pulls

Balancing the shoulder complex by incorporating external rotation and strength of the retractors (upper and lower traps, rhomboids) with face pulls.

Face Pulls with Upward Rotation

You see it every day in the gym. Everyone hitting the big movements; bench, squat, deadlifts, press, calve raises, etc

You also hear the same things, I cant bench anymore, my shoulder kills, or Squats wrecked my (insert muscle/joint here)!

Now you can be powerful, you can be explosive but can you be in it for the long haul? The key to training and athletic preparation is longevity. But few are willing to do what it takes if they don’t get that immediate satisfaction.

They love doing bench press because is blows their chest up. They love doing curls because it pumps up the biceps. But few consistently incorporate the maintenance and rehab exercises that are important for their long term health.

Band Pull Aparts behind the Neck

Heavy Serratus Strengthening

Heavy barbell protractions for shoulder strength, health and functionality.

Upper Body Skiers

Another supplemental shoulder restoration / health exercise. Skiers engage the musculature involved in shoulder extension; Latissimus Dorsi, Posterior Delts, Pec major, Teres Major, Triceps.

More shoulder flexion can also be used beyond what is demonstrated in this video.

This exercise is also great for bodybuilders looking to fill in the aesthetics of the posterior shoulder region.

Muscle Snatch

This video demonstrates a muscle snatch. This is not a clean and press, but rather a wide grip upright row (lead with the elbows) that is externally rotated into a lockout in one fluid motion.

Muscles involved in the wide grip upright row:
trapezius, SITS, serratus anterior, teres minor, deltoids, biceps, shoulder girdle elevation, shoulder abduction, elbow flexion

Muscles involved in the external rotation:
infraspinatus, supraspinatus, teres minor

This video is a great warm-up not only for your upper body training sessions (bench, overhead press, throwing) but also for your lower body training sessions (squats, deadlifts, good mornings).

45 Degree Shrugs

Here is another exercise to add to your Shoulder Rehab Protocol – 45 Degree Shrugs.

Building strength in the musculature involved in scapulae retraction (upper & lower traps, serratus anterior, rhomboids).

Dip Shrugs

This exercise can be done with:
– lifter’s bodyweight only
– dip belt + dumbbell
– weighted vest / backpack
– elastic resistance attached to a belt

Benefits / Target:
Engagement of lower traps, lats, pectorals and serratus anterior, the exact musculature that is responsible for scapula strength, stability and movement.

Make sure you remain vertical and do not lean forward or backward. Flex hard and drive upward.

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